Scenic Spots

【Local Information】
  • - Si Ma Tower, 4km/2.5miles
  • - Changde we yi yuan dong 2km/1.2miles
  • - Golf course, 5km/3.1miles
  • - Binhu park, 5.5km/3.4miles
  • - Poem wall, 7km/4.3miles
  • - Sun mountain, 15km/9.3miles
  • - Wulin plaza、Changde Pedestrian Street, 6km/3.7miles
  • - Taohuayuan, 60km/37miles
  • - Huayanxi, 70km/43miles
  • - White hose lake park, 5km/3.1miles


【Specific Spots】
Liuye Lake

Liuye Lake located at the north suburb of the city, only 100 meters distance from the cohere hotel, lake area of 21.8 square kilometers. The surface of the lake floating light jump gold and sparkling, the sky and the brightly colored trees were reflected in the calm surface of the lake. Rely on the lake here, to integrate natural, cultural, agronomic, landscape and ecological protection into one. Is an international AQUATIC-SPEED competition, leisure suburb land.


Just one hour by car from the hotel, Taohuayuan is National 4A class scenic spot. Is the original version of the great poet Tao Yuanming's 'The story of Taohuayuan', has been more than 1600 years of the history. Filled with temple pavilions,stone inscriptio, nature beauty and historical sagas. Taohuayuan become the spiritual sustenance and ideal pursuit for the mortal.

Changde Poem Wall

Changde poem wall park carrier on the levees which located at the north shore of yuanjiang, combined with poem、sciept、painting, total length of 3km, called "the genius in poem, calligraphy and painting and one wall unity between heaven, earth and man". Just 6km from the hotel, is listed in the Guinness World Records.

Sun Mountain

This scenics is the last heights in the east of wuling ranges, called "Tein heights". Only 15km from the hotel, the beauty city Changde just at the foot of the heights, yuan river and feng just beside it. Not can be compared, qifeng, flowers, river, heights, merged with lanscape, become a magical, shine and charming picture exhibit to people.

Taohuayuan internation golf course

Is the best Championship level golf course in southern area, 5km from the cohere hotel, ourwan bridge wich invested by the president of Shenzhen Tianli Rael estate group, directly reach the door of the club. The club backed by sun mountain, in the middle of scenic spot, she just like the bright spot merged with Taohuayuan.


Dengshan just 12km from the hotel, named from Shan Juan, a legendary person concerned with the region of Wuling. Chan master, Xuan Jian also preaching and zen meditation here, it become the cradle of virtue culture. When you are inside, will feel the difference and upgrade the consciousness of yourself to a real spirit realm.

Gold Street

The sightseeing is in the gold diamond plaza located at Changde City Centre,Just 6km from the hotel, Jinjian company, the leading privatedly run enterprise in Changde, invested 5 billion to construct. It assemble with shopping,leisure, culture, tourism,sightseeing, entertainment, exhibition, office, business and residence all together, total constructure area around 150, 000 square meters. Its unique design and the premier appearance established it as the valuable position in the west-northern of Hunan.

Huping mountain and waterfall

This scenic located at Hunan huping mountain, 200km from the hotel. The scene has steep peaks, ravines crossbar, waterfall in group, the waterfall like silk ribbon, free and easy, The waterfall have many image, sometimes like to flying, sometimes like a wire, curtain, fog, etc. Looks not only beauty and spectacle, but also show difference everywhere, place oneself meantime as feel like the poetic genius Libai's poem "Huping waterfall, peach flowers fall around the cave".

Qu Xi Ying Feng

Located in Taoyuan County, between Yi Wang brook and Yuan river. The Yi wang brook valley among hills, lush forests, the main peak called Shui Xin Zhai is standing inside. Yi wang brook divided into two parts from here and disembogues into the Yuan river.

Hua Xi Lu Wu

Hua Xi Lu Wu located in wu xi lake of Huayanxi National Forest Park, only 70km from the hotel, 90 minutes by car. Here display the miratulousness among the dense forest, emerald bamboos, scenery. Every march to october, tens of thousands egrets live and be born here, some living in the woodlands, some flying and dancing on the lake, one ecological wonders for nuture. The best view is from Huang chong Guanlutai.

Lin chien wu chan

It located at jiashan temple which is national 4A class scenic spot. Just 75km from the hotel, Jiashan temple built in the tang dynasty, called "royal repair for three emperors". Here, mountain ranges, elegant environment, fresh air ,green trees, have jiashan temple、 chuang cemetery and biyan springs. Combined with buddhist sanctuary 、cemetery、teaism(Cha dao) practice、forest, the visior can hear the sounds of the pine forest, see the forest sea, buddhist, sipping tea, memories of chuang and enjoy the view.

Ping Feng Yun Hai

It located at the highest peak of Hunan which called Hu Ping mountain, mountaineering to height 2098.7 meters, feel heroic to reach the summit. At the time of sunrise, undulating hills, draining down ,likes the waves roll, A red sun rose slowly from the horizen, shining, spectacular. There are four seasons in a year, each season has different sceneries.